My voice

One voice, many languages.

I work with active Spanish, English and Portuguese. What does this mean? It means that I can interpret from and into any of these languages.

This can be an advantage when, for example, you have a multilingual business meeting.

This is my voice in English. I enjoy very much when I have to interpret into English. Words simply flow. I have a neutral and clear accent. I had a bilingual education and as a consequence I feel as comfortable speaking in English as in Spanish. I worked as an English teacher for over 10 years at Capgemini in Barcelona.

This is my voice in Spanish. I have been living in Barcelona, Spain, for 15 years, but I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Therefore, I have a great knowledge of Spanish from Latin America and Spain. My accent has not lost its Argentinean essence, but it has become more neutral and I fit perfectly within the Latam Spanish and European Spanish (ES-EU) profiles because of the richness of the lexicon acquired in all these years of residence in Barcelona.

This is my voice in Portuguese. I have always had a special interest in Brazilian culture, as well as in Lusophone countries in general. Besides being an interpreter, I am a Brazilian zouk teacher and my husband is from Rio de Janeiro. Portuguese is part of my daily life, my soul.

My voice,
my instrument.

Discover my voice through the voice-over of this poetry written by myself.
Language: Spanish